How To: Square dance the Allemande Left, Right Hand Turn

Square dance the Allemande Left, Right Hand Turn

This square dance video teaches the following square dance calls on the mainstream list: Allemande Left, Right Hand Turn (Turn Thru), Right & Left Grand, Weave the Ring, Star Left/Right

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I want to watch the video about each square dance calls. But I can't open any one. I always see a sentence display ' Internet Exploreer Can't display this netpage. Could you help me?

Thank Mr. Justin Meyers. I have downloaded the Google Video Player, and installed it on my computer. But I still can't watch the any video about the square dance calls on this netpage. I only saw a sentence : This video is currently not available. Please try again later. It is same as before I saw. Why?

Hmm. Then I'm at a loss. Hope you find an answer. As long as you have Flash installed, I don't see why you'd be getting that. Maybe it has to do with your country of residence. Good luck!

Thank you Mr. Justin Meyers. I already read your message on zhis netpage and your E-mail. I have found anothe method to get the video about the square dance calls. Of course, those videos are not here. But I think it doesn't matter for me. However, I still need to thank you very much. I have ever attempted to revert your E-mail. But those reverting E-mail always can't to be delivered out.. I don't know why? But I know that is not my problem!

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