How To: Do a Teacup Chain square dance step

Do a Teacup Chain square dance step

Square dancing, a fun American pastime! Learn square dance steps with this instructional animation. Fun fact about square dancing: 19 U.S. States deem it their official dance. Square dance is a folk dance with roots in Europe, eventually spreading to the states & becoming more of an iconic dance there. Square dancing consists of 4 couples arranged in a square formation. This square dance lesson is clear and to the point. Search "square dance instructional animation" on Wonderhowto for more square dance steps.

How to do a Teacup Chain square dance step:

Starting Square Dance Formation: Static Square, or proceeding from everyone doing a Left Arm Turn with partner.

TIMING: - 32

STYLING: Center dancers turning in star patterns use hands up styling. All turns with outside dancers are forearm turns. When not leading into another command, a courtesy turn, as previously described, is used at the conclusion of the call. Outside dancers (usually the gents) dance with arms swinging naturally from one forearm turn to the next, being as graceful as possible in a movement that offers little other than pivot movements. Ladies may enhance the styling of this basic through skirt work with outside hand.

Do a Teacup Chain square dance step

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