How to Do a Spin Chain Gears (Right Hand Wave) square dance

Square dancing, a fun American pastime! Learn square dance steps with this instructional animation. Fun fact about square dancing: 19 U.S. States deem it their official dance. Square dance is a folk dance with roots in Europe, eventually spreading to the states & becoming more of an iconic dance there. Square dancing consists of 4 couples arranged in a square formation. This square dance lesson is clear and to the point. Search "square dance instructional animation" on Wonderhowto for more square dance steps.

How to do a Spin Chain Gears (Right Hand Wave) square dance:

Starting Square Dance Formation: Parallel Ocean Waves.


Each end and the adjacent center dancer turn one-half (180). The new centers of each ocean wave turn three-quarters (270) to form a new ocean wave across the set, as the other four dancers do a U Turn Back (turning in toward the center). The centers of the wave Trade and then release hands with each other. Four dancers on each side of the square now form a four-hand star and turn the star three-quarters, forming a new wave across the set. Centers of this wave Trade momentarily reforming the wave across the set. The two outside pairs of dancers of the center wave now turn three-quarters (270) as the other four dancers turn back (turning away from the center).

Do a Spin Chain Gears (Right Hand Wave) square dance

Do a Spin Chain Gears (Right Hand Wave) square dance Click through to watch this video on

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